Daisy Eris Campbell

The Bricklayer – Founder and Artistic Director

Daisy worked alongside her father Ken Campbell for many years, notably translating and co-directing Pidgin Macbeth (an attempt to teach the world a lingua franca via the medium of Shakespeare in Pidgin English) and The Warp.

The Warp was a revival production of the world’s longest play (24 hours), staged in London Bridge arches amidst a festival of Seekers, in which Daisy had played the baby in the original. Born as a direct result of Ken’s legendary Illuminatus! production in which her mother played Eris, the poor girl never really stood a chance.

Daisy co-conceived and ran The Questival, a festival of future consciousness; wrote and directed a collection of short plays, including The Girl with the Global Brain, and The Big Q; and has an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, of which she is extremely proud.

Her anarchic children’s play, School Journey to the Centre of the Earth was performed as part of the National Theatre Connections programme twice, as well as being performed around the world.

Daisy, having found a spiritual home at The Cockpit, adapted and directed Cosmic Trigger, The Money Burner’s Manual, Poetry can Fuck with the Truth and staged a non-stop four-hour reading of The Sentence by Alistair Fruish.

She directed the KLF’s 2017 comeback epic Welcome to the Dark Ages in which 400 ‘volunteers’ were corralled to unleash creative anarchy in the streets of Liverpool.  In 2018 she toured her one-woman show Pigspurt’s Daughter about her life with her father.