The Cerne to CERN Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage by coach:  the Cerne Abbas Giant in UK to the centre of CERN in Switzerland, 20-25th April 2019
(or… The Large Hard On to The Large Hadron)

An interactive art-magick experience for 69 hardcore Seekers.  Their mission was to re-set the world by performing a ritual at the heart of The Gnothing that would Immanentised the Eschaton.  The Mycelium provided the structure, strategic planning, and logistics… the participants co-created the rest of the experience for themselves.

First, The Manhole Cover in Liverpool was activated on Bicycle Day (19th April).  Then a double-decker Magic Bus transported the pilgrims from The Rude Man of Cerne (where a ritual was performed involving sperm hats and false teeth) to the Artistic Community of Damanhur in Italy where they learned how to dance the ritual mantra “Show us so we can understand” (as dreamt up by The Dreamfisher) in Damanhur’s ancient Sacred Dance language in order to perform it at CERN in Switzerland, thus re-setting the world.  In exchange for this gift of dance, they performed a specially created stage play, The Pilgrim’s Opera, for the Damanhurians.

They then journeyed to the very centre of the CERN collider (above ground!), which is the site of a ruined Appollonian temple and is – of course – guarded by The Chaos Killers Bikers Club.  At 2.23pm (CERN time) on April 23rd the appropriate rituals were performed and (we assume) the Eschaton was Immanentised.  Seekers who were unable to be part of the road trip (aka the Stray At Home Pilgrims) visited their local sacred sites (which could include their bedroom) and synchronously vibrated the ritual mantra.

Pilgrim Radio, a temporary Internet station co-created by the pilgrims, broadcast non-stop from The Manhole cover to Carl Jung’s Bolligen Tower in Switzerland on 24th April 4.23pm with a mind-bending mix of music, pre-recorded gems & live Pilgrim News and interviews.

The pilgrims made tarot cards to represent the Selves they intended to be on the journey and a limited edition set of full decks were printed.  Liverpool Arts Lab made souvenir mugs, and Jimmy Cauty made a Higgs Boson for the pilgrims to take to CERN, which lit up when it collided with things.

The Gnothing will never be the same again!


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