Time to Pull the Cosmic Trigger?

23rd February 2014, The Kazimier Club, Liverpool

From the outset of planning Cosmic Trigger we fixed the opening show to be in Liverpool during the weekend of 23rd November 2014 because Daisy’s father Ken Campbell had opened his adaptation of Illuminatus in Liverpool on 23rd November 1976… and Daisy would be the same age then as Ken had been in 1976.

That being so, we needed to find out whether Liverpool was ready to Pull The Cosmic Trigger.  We also needed to reactivate and renew the network of Seekers in the city who could help us with our mission.  To that end we produced our first-ever event together as The Mycelium at The Kazimier Club which included:

  • Fresh dispatches from John Higgs, author of “The KLF – Chaos, Magic and the Band that Burned a Million Pounds”, with a talk entitled “I Blame Liverpool”;
  • Never-before-seen filmed interview with Alan Moore, discussing all matters Robert Anton Wilson;
  • Daisy Eris Campbell brining everyone up-to-date on the synchronic forces aligning in her mission to stage Cosmic Trigger;
  • A scene (“Bob’s First Acid Trip”) from the play, with music, magick, puppetry, projections – and acting.

The response was resounding – Liverpool was definitely up for pulling the Cosmic Trigger!!  Click here to watch selected parts of the proceedings.